• The Bandit World Tour


  • It's Not Just a Tour, it's a Movement

    The Bandit Tour has undergone an evolution over the years, alongside Traction's own evolution. We faced different challenges, so we built new solutions. The Bandit World Tour is Traction's latest solution to its latest challenge. We wanted to expand the reach of the Bandit mission, driving the four pillars of Traction for Good to new people in new places. That means: building capacity for non-profits, inspiring philanthropy, growing social business and enabling kids to code. Whether the Bandits come riding in on horses, a Trans Am or a plane, we guarantee two things: they'll do a whole lot of good and have a whole lot of fun doing it.

    April 25th - May 2nd, 2018

  • The Mission

    Since 2013, the Bandits have worked with more than 40 non-profit organizations, providing pro-bono Salesforce services and random acts of kindness. Whether your organization is looking to create meaningful new reports and dashboards, clean up data or anything in between, the Bandits are here to help. If you're in any of these areas and want to work with the Bandits, submit your application in the section below.


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    New York

    April 25th

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    May 1st

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    May 2nd

  • Bandit Tour 2017

    To learn more about the Bandits and their mission, take a look at some of the organizations served by the Bandit Tour 2017.

  • Other Workshops and Events

    We will be hosting or taking part in several events over the course of Salesforce's World Tour events in New York & Toronto. Each will offer excellent learning opportunities for non-profit professionals who are interested in leveraging technology to drive their mission forward.

    LoveYourBrain Success Webinar


    You don't need to be with Traction in-person to join in on the discussion. Traction and Formstack are partnering to host a webinar breaking down the success that the LoveYourBrain Foundation has had with the Salesforce platform. LoveYourBrain is leveraging Salesforce to streamline their course registration process so that they can spend more time working on their curriculum.

    NPSP Day Toronto


    On the next international NPSP Day, Salesforce users and prospective users can train, network, and engage with the non-profit community in an event that will be jam-packed with great content and fun. Join Traction, cloudStack and Soapbox at The Vault in Toronto and get inspired with kindred spirits that love to make technology work for non-profit organizations!

    Traction Connect:

    New York World Tour


    After a long day of keynotes and brisk walking through Salesforce's World Tour New York, your shoes may be feeling a bit worse for wear. Swap them for a pair of bowling shoes at Traction Connect, hosted at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. Whether you grab a bowling ball, a pint, or both, Traction Connect offers a great opportunity to collaborate and learn with individuals from a wide range of industries and companies.

    Salesforce World Tour Toronto: Traction Booth


    Register for Salesforce World Tour Toronto and come find us in our booth. Representatives from Traction Guest, Traction Hierarchies and Traction Complete will be there to answer questions about their innovative products. They will be joined by Salesforce's 15th largest customer: Traction on Demand! Come chat with Traction about our own journey on the Salesforce platform, or talk to us about your own org.

  • 2018 Participants

  • Arts Project

    The ARTS Project is a non-profit art gallery, theatre and studio space. Our mission is to bring arts and culture to the City of London by providing the space and the means for artists to create, while also providing a venue for the public to view their work.

    One Drop Foundation

    One Drop is an international foundation created in 2007 by Cirque du Soleil™’s founder Guy Laliberté. At the core of its mission is access to water, sanitation and hygiene as a transformative force to improve the living conditions of some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. With the objective of delivering long-term impact and sustainability, One Drop brings into all of its projects a unique Social Art for Behavior Change approach that aims at engaging communities in taking ownership and embracing adequate behaviors towards water, sanitation and hygiene.


    Equitas is Canada’s most recognized and active human rights education organization. We work for the advancement of equality, social justice and respect for human dignity through transformative education programs. We empower people to challenge inequality and discrimination and take action to make their communities safer and better places to be.

    Urban Green Council

    Urban Green Council’s mission is to transform NYC buildings for a sustainable future. We believe the critical issue facing the world today is climate change. We develop cutting-edge policy, research potential solutions and educate a broad range of professionals to create a more resilient, efficient and healthy city.

    Back on My Feet

    Back on My Feet is a national nonprofit organization operating in 12 major cities and combating homelessness through the power of running, community support, and essential employment and housing resources. Our unique running-based model demonstrates that if you first restore confidence, strength, and self-esteem, individuals are better equipped to tackle the road ahead and move toward jobs, homes, and new lives.

    Jays Care

    Jays Care use baseball to teach life skills and create lasting social change for children and youth in marginalized communities across Canada. We proudly work in all ten provinces and two territories running eight programs to level the playing field for Canadian kids facing some of the most pronounced opportunity gaps, including: kids living in inner cities; kids living in First Nation and northern communities; kids living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities; and girls without access to sport. In 2018, Jays Care will invest over $6 million to positively impacting the lives of more than 65,000 Canadian children and youth.

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